Against the Giants: Session 118

Returning to the rock chimney, the party discover that their collapsible ladder has gone. Using a useful levitate spell, Phildor elevates Halmary’s remaining ladder and they all...

Against the Giants: Session 117

Calibos, Sidni and Halmary approach the corridor with its walls covered in gears. At the far end is a great thick door solid with gears...

The Fortress of the Crimson Blades: Full Map

The full map of the Fortress, for your viewing pleasure. Print PDF

The Fortress: Area B

Area B A double bunk room for four of the bandits, 1d2 of which are here, sleeping (2 in 6) or resting up between raids....

The Fortress: Area L

Area L The end of this corridor ends in steps leading down into a cold cavern. A rack holding three spears, a net and a...

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