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7 Kingdoms: further notes

Following on from the other posts, I’ve had further thoughts and am approaching this slightly differently. The essence remains the same, but rather than the explosion of new races, I’m going to keep with the core three of Human, Elf and Dwarf. Mostly to make it easier to work with, partly to make it more generically appealing; but still, each kingdom is still going to be different, and new Classes are still my intention; along with new templates.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:


  • New Class: Dragon Hunter
  • Templates: Horse Lord/Nomad; Scavenger
Plus, clerics will belong to one of six major churches (minor ones will appear as I think of them), four of which have an alternate power that replaces the standard Turn Undead; maybe I’ll throw in an optional Priestess class from the Players Companion play-test. We shall see.


  • New Classes: Dream Hunters; and, Shining Ones


  • New Classes: Monk (needs a better name); and, God-Slayer

I think I’ll still have elements of the other races, but more for NPCs. This might, of course, all change again, but this is the path I’m currently meandering along, whistling tunelessly to myself. I’ll also have a list of classes available by Kingdom, and anyone who wants to play a class from ‘out-of-town’, so to speak, has to roll on a table to determine why they are here rather than there; or come up with something else.

The six human churches, as they currently stand, will be (and some are based on previous ideas and mental wanderings):

  1. Church of the Divine Flesh (or Consumption);
  2. Church of the All-Seeing Eye;
  3. Church of the Sleeping Rage;
  4. Church of the Musical Discordance;
  5. Church of the Cleansing Light (standard clerics and priestesses);
  6. Church of the Forgotten Lore.

There are also two gods for the others, elf and dwarf:

  1. Church of the Fleeting Dream (elf);
  2. Church of the Heart (dwarf).

I also am thinking that elves are spilt into two camps, although their origins are the same. Both are essentially the physical manifestations of their deity’s dreams, immortal until their god awakens. One sect, however, has been cursed by some ancient enemy and is not immortal. These, the Shining Ones, have a limited life-span of no more than 10 years, literally burning themselves out; in exchange they are all spell-casters, some quite powerful, advancing quickly, but dying swiftly too. When they finally perish, their souls end up trapped in the Forest of Broken Dreams, wherein the elven Dream Hunters track and capture them, putting them out of their misery and allowing their souls to rejoin the Great Dreaming.

Dwarves are highly religious, ruled by a theocracy that is dominated by the monks that guard the Heart of the Gods from their fortified monasteries. The Heart of the Gods is the birthplace of the deities, and is heavily guarded.

The gods are all physical entities, manifestations of their worshippers beliefs, wants and needs; or perhaps manifestations of concepts and ideas; whatever the truth, they were born in the Heart, and live within the main temples/churches of the various religions. Others gods exist, minor and petty, and come and go. Some of these are thought to be abominations and the dwarves send their God-Slayers to hunt these creatures down.

Sometime this week, over the weekend, into the next, I’ll start posting further notes on the religions, and make a start on the new classes, using the ACKS build in the play-test document. Templates are the easiest to deal with, so I’ll leave them until last.

Until later. Ta ta.

p.s. does anyone else have problems with WordPress. There’s been a few comments that I’v never got notified about, and only discovered them when I logged in. Very annoying.

p.p.s I’m playing a human paladin in a G+ PBP game, which is quite fun. Cedric Brightblade has just attended a party with fellow adventurer Hadrian, and now they’ve gone looking for thieves to apprehend. It’ll probably go horribly wrong.

One more thing: played another session of the Known World game on Sunday; we didn’t break the game this time, but were nicely railroaded out of the way and back on track. Now we’re looking for a wizard.

Oh, and another: played another Crypts & Things game on Monday night, and the party finally got some loot and killed more things (including a resting party of other adventurers). The C&T system isn’t quite doing it for me, so I’m going to move us over to using ACKS in a while, once I’v finished reading the book and sorted out all the macros for Map Tools (takes bloody ages).

Bye 🙂

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