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Against the Giant: Session Ninety-One

The Old Library

The Old Library

Evening lengthens, the shadows crowding the valley as the moon peers above the mountain peak. The party camp overnight, setting the usual rota of guards, planning on venturing into the dragon’s lair and set traps while the dragon is away.

The dragon, meanwhile, after hearing the scuffing of Sidni’s boots, decides to forego its daily hunt and wait to see if any thieves come calling.

The party break their fast, discuss plans, and send Sidni down again to scout out the lair, once more invisible and bestowed with infravision. She spots the lurking dragon before it sees her, and hurries back to tell the others. They decide to send her back down, to watch and wait for the dragon to leave…

…and then, for reasons unknown, Sidni brings the others down the stairs, so that they too can wait near the two alcoves where the dozens of jars of oil are stored. Only Xellos and Phildor hesitate, but they soon follow when they hear what happens next:

The sounds of thieves in heavy armour, loud whispers, and generally making a bit of noise, alerts the dragon. It crawls forward, conjuring up an illusion to fool the thieves, and preparing a few other spells besides.

From the darkness, Sidni sees a dragon approach: it turns out to be an illusion, but only after Halmary wastes a finger of death on it, and Calibos and Sidni rush to attack.

Another illusion fools them again, prompting the lighting of torches, the casting of protective spells and the lure of Xellos and Phildor into the old library. Dial dispels the illusion this time, by slashing at the false dragon.

Ungrid heads down the stairs, and comes to a wall of smoke, Phildor hastes the adventurers and Halmary blesses everyone, while Sidni and Calibos break open some jars of oil and pour them into the braziers and troughs, lighting them to illuminate the underground library: the flicker of flames can barely be made out beyond the thick smoke… and then the dragon– the real, huge, ancient blue dragon– breaks through the smoke.

Ungrid manages to hurl Grontdrengi, injuring the dragon before it lets loose a fork of deadly lighting: catching the dwarf, Halmary, Phildor and Xellos in its blast!

Phildor collapses, sparks firing off all over his body, and is pulled to safety by Xellos: thankfully, luckily, the wizard is still alive although his legs are badly burnt and will be lame when he has recovered; for now though, he is out of the fight.

Throwing caution to the wind the various fighters attack the dragon en masse: Sidni stabs with werebane, Ungrid hurls his hammer and narrowly misses Calibos, who joins Dial thrusting and swinging their weapons at the great beast. They pierce its hide, and blood splashes them, burning their armour with its poison! Halmary rushes over to heal himself and Ungrid…

…and then he falls as the dragon blasts them again with its lightning breath, felling the cleric and the old paladin, Dial. Xellos again rushes to help, dragging Halmary away as he chugs a potion down his wounded comrade’s throat: Halmary is in a worse way, with one leg severed by the blast, but at least he too is alive (just).

Then the tables turn on the dragon: Calibos smacks the dragon with his borrowed magic sword, avoiding the splash of its deadly blood; Ungrid breaks bones with his hammer, and they duck and parry the dragon’s claws and spear-like bite. Xellos tries a flurry of magic missiles, but the dragon was prepared and its shield spell deflects the fiery projectiles.

Sidni stabs and stabs again, badly wounding the beast; but its blood strikes her flesh and she falls down, poisoned!

Then Ungrid’s hammer smashes it skull, and the great and deadly dragon falls down dead!

In the aftermath, wounds are tended to– Dial is alive, minus a hand, Sidni is revived with a neutralise poison potion– and the hoard of treasure is sorted through and the best bits shoved into the bag of holding for later counting.

With the dragon dead, they make their slow way back to town. Dial retires, his revenge satisfied, the wounded rest for a few weeks to regain their health. Halmary restores limbs for the injured, and everyone decides to head off back to the Duke to assist him with the giants.

End of Session

Kills: an ancient blue dragon.

KO’d: Phildor (lame leg), Halmary (missing leg), Dial (missing hand); the two PCs will roll to see how well they recovered from the restorative spell next time.

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  1. Andrew January 9, 2014

    That’s a great dragon battle! I like the poison blood and the fact that bits got knocked off the warriors. What do you use for discorporation charts?

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