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Against the Giants: Session 107

map of the caves explored

River Caves

Following the underground river, the party leave the catacombs behind and enter a cave dominated by a large pool of water with streams running off.

There is movement in the water as the lead fighters get close to the deeper water, and black tendrils of ooze lash out of the water, but are cut off before they can grapple anyone. Phildor lets loose with a fireball with no effect, just a burst of steam that reduces their vision for a short while. They skirt the walls then, keeping away from the water and reach the ‘beach’, which turns out to be sand of gold powder. As they step onto the beach, a tendril lashes out and grabs Almahid’s leg, but before it can drag him in, Calibos cuts it away.

They start exploring, finding a cave full of bones, tunnels leading off, and Sidni, invisible spies an old bridge arcing over a chasm. She stands there on watch as the others move deeper into the caves, and Calibos sees a pile of treasure and goes to investigate, falls down a put, and the rest of the party are promptly attacked by a trio of aquatic trolls armed with barbed spears.

Phildor tries, and fails, to levitate a troll, while Almahid drops down a rope to help Calibos climb out; leaving the trolls for Ungrid, Xellos and the others. One falls, taken out by Ungrid’s hammer, and Halmary steps in and sets it alight. Phildor is wounded by a spear, then gets his own back by confusing two of the enemy, leaving them open to slaughter and setting on fire. With the trolls dead and Calibos hauled out of the pit, they loot what treasure they find (including a couple of magic swords), and decide to make camp since they are all out of spells and need some healing and rest.

The ‘night’ passes uneventfully, and in the morning with everyone more or less fully healed and refreshed, they carry on exploring. The next cave holds a giant bell jar full of a blue mist; inside it is a beholder, seemingly asleep. A lever sticks out of a wooden panel in front of the jar, and chests of treasure can be seen inside.

Surrounding the bell jar, spells and weapons at the ready, Almahid blesses them, Phildor hastes them, and Halmary casts striking on Ungrid’s already powerful hammer. Then Calibos pulls the lever, shattering the bell jar and awakening the beholder!

A beholder that is swiftly cut down in a fraction of a round. Even with Sidni’s failed lightning bolt due to the Eye Tyrant’s anti-magic ray. the monster is slain as a hasted Ungrid, Calibos and Almahid slay it.

So much for powerful monsters.

They loot the treasure, putting it in their almost full bags of holding, and head further into the caves.

End of Session

Kills: 3 water trolls, 1 beholder.

Levelled Up: Medmyr (now a level 4 fighter), and Calibos (now a level 7 paladin).

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