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Against the Giants: Session 114

map of scenic dunnsmouth

Scenic Dunnsmouth

After rowing down the river for most of the day, a dilapidated old wharf comes into view. Roald points to it, “That’s Dunnsmouth,” she tells them, and the party row up and tie off the boats, climbing up on the old wooden planks. It is twilight now, and a mist ebbs across the marsh. A boathouse stands near the banks of the river, a pathway of stepping stones and rotting rope leading deeper into the poor excuse for a village.

Sidni, invisible, scouts ahead. They meet Zillah, a young mostly toothless pretty young woman who agrees to look after their boats for a few silver; Calibos declines the offer of a kiss, and she seems rather disappointed. They head up past a sorry looking colonial-styled house, towards a church; Sidni heads off by herself, after spotting an old fort nearby. There she discovers an old soldier, all alone in an empty barracks. She– once visible– talks to him, discovering that he’d been there for years, even since the other soldiers went off to fight some enemy that he can’t remember the name of any more.

Meanwhile, while Xellos and Phildor keep watch outside, the others encounter Father Iwanopolous in the church: an untidy, probably unstable man, muttering something about spiders and cubes that glow in the night, and can’t get a lot of sense out of him. He does, however, allow them to use the church as a hostel.

Sidni returns to the others and reports back, they have a quite look around outside, and in the middle of the village see what looks like a glowing cube, floating in the air, the mists thicker around it. Sidni lobs stones and shoots an arrow at it, and all seem to slow down and then stop before they reach it. They decide to leave it alone, and retreat to the church. It must be night, but the village seems stuck in perpetual twilight. The strange Father retires, leaving the party to the church: they barricade the door, set guards, and investigate the catacombs below, which are quite ordinary; they block the trapdoor that leads down though, and Ungrid sleeps atop it.

In the morning they follow a faint trail leading out of the village, stopping at a grounded fishing boat that a potter now lives in. Erik von Kaus offers to sell them pottery, and gives them directions to the local sheriff (Mace) and Magda, who the Father said might know something of the mysterious cube. The party bid him farewell and head off back into the village, stopping by the sheriff’s (who isn’t in), and make their way up the sloping hill to the cottage and barn of Magda…

End of Session

No kills this week either. That’s two weeks of nothing but role-playing. The players are getting itchy for a fight 🙂

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