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Against the Giants: Session 127

Like this, but crashed

Gathering in the hull of the crashed Spelljammer ship they explore the upper floors, finding bedding where the mind-controlled elves and a metal chair at the front, with manacles attached to the arms. A pit descends below, and they lower an invisible Sidni down; she spots another elf, and quickly knocks him out, squashing the mind-controlling spider beneath her heel. The others follow, then Calibos is lowered down further, into a large cargo-hull room wherein a giant, bloated, 20’tall decaying Neogi sits chained to the hull. Tubes and needles cover its body, pumping fluids into a vat of the mind-controlling spiders, and laboratory equipment occupies most of the room. After a search for anything valuable, they decide the best thing to do is blow it up. As the others exit swiftly, Xellos fires off a fireball, setting alight to the ship and its contents, leaping out just in time as the flames billow out of the windows and hole in the hull.

Leaving the now burning ship behind them, the party head towards the old stone buildings nearer to the forest edge, taking the two unconscious elves they knocked out with them. A trio of spiders attack from webs around the building, and more mind-controlled elves inside are attacked as some of the party move into the smaller of the two buildings: in the larger one, some spell-casting elf starts throwing web spells at those outside, but is temporarily blocked by Xellos and a darkness spell. Outside, spiders are swiftly dispatched, but Halmary, Ungrid and Xellos are caught in the web spell; they set fire to it to escape, and Halmary manages to resist it all thanks to his newly acquired ring of fire resistance; Ungrid takes some burns, but tears free.

In the smaller building, Calibos knocks out an elf and squashes the mind-controlling spider, then takes out another as the others struggle out of their webs. Sidni climbs the roof and skirts the other building, looking for a way in; shooting bolts at the elf inside every time he sees him through the building’s arrow slits. He takes the elf out as he tries to move out of the way, failing. Everyone joins up at the main door of the larger building, bursting in, attacking and quickly dispatching the other elves inside.

Stairs from both buildings lead down, and the party splits up and gets ready to descend into the darkness below.

End of Session

Kills: 3 giant spiders, 5 mind-controlled elves (2 KO’d), 1 mind-controlled spell-casting elf, 1 undead Grand Old Master neogi.

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