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Against the Giants: Session Eighty-Eight


Taking advantage of the lull in fighting– although the sound of more enemies can be heard down the corridors– Corvin discovers the Gort is nothing more than a red smear across the floor, and salvages what he can from her crushed pack.

Xellos grabs Pelmak, who thankfully is alive but suffering from a broken knee and severe blood loss, he leans on the Ruinguard as they head to the exit.

Sidni drags Halmary across the hallway, noting that the poor cleric has had both his arms crushed to a pulp, but at least he’s alive; which is more than can be said of Phildor, who died. The mage is scrapped up and dumped in the party’s bag of holding, as they head towards the exit as fast as they can. Ungrid covers their retreat, being about the only one who can stand up to a fight.

As they stagger outside, where it is still night, cold and beginning to snow, Xellos summons a pegasus and Sidni decides to polymorph into one too, using a potion she has been saving. They strap Halmary to the summoned beast, and Corvin mounts Sidni [cue sniggers]. They take to the air, just as a giant, a dire wolf, and a quartet of ogres come from around the corner of the Steading and from the doorway!

The pegasus is struck by a rock as Halmary directs it to fly away, but they are quickly out of range and out of sight; same goes for Sidni and Corvin, leaving Xellos, Ungrid and the quickly abandoned Pelamk to the enemy. Xellos turns invisible and uses some charges of a magic ring to heal himself, while the ogres stab Pelmak to death, and head to intercept Ungrid, who uses his hammer to crush his enemies. The zombie giant, raised and commanded by Xellos, keeps the hill giant busy, allowing Xellos to sneak up, throw up a wall of smoke to cover their treat, and assist Ungrid in dispatching the rest of the ogres and the wolf.

Then they too flee, joining up with the others back at the cave. They use the winged steeds to put some distance between them and the Steading, and make it to safety…

Hampered by their wounded colleagues, the party travel deeper into the mountains, eventually finding a cave to shelter in. They make themselves as comfortable as they can, resting up while Sidni keeps an eye out for trouble and hunts for food when their rations run out.

Nearly a week goes by when a savage looking party of forty orcs enters the area, but they are spotted and pass by the cave without noticing the resting adventurers. They same orcs come back a couple of days later, but again they are unaware of the adventurers.

Sidni goes out hunting that day, finding some game– partly thanks to a Ring of Animal Command– to bring back. However, that same day, a gang of trolls sniffs the game and follows Sidni back to their cave….

End of Session

Kills: 1 dire wolf, 4 ogres.

KO’d results: Plemak did have a broken knee, but now he’s dead; Halmary has lost both arms and needs a month’s bed rest too.

Dead NPCs: Gort, Pelmak.

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  1. trey December 18, 2013

    A lower kill-total this session, but still respectable. 🙂

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