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Against the Giants: Session Eighty-One

Picture by Jarmo Jouha

Picture by Jarmo Jouha

the battle continues

From the shadows several Umber Hulks and Giant Spiders shamble & scurry forth, while the dark elves and remaining adventurers continue to exchange blows.

One of the dark elves breaks off and starts to remove the pins supporting the rope bridge nearest to the battling heroes, who is quickly hacked down by Xellos’ axe, Hewer. Across the cavern, Ordoreth shrugs off a black beam of death magic, and in return he cuts down one of the priestesses. Sidni and Mim battle the dark elf men, one falling to Sidni’s spear, Werebane; while up above, Halmary uses a rope & grapple to drag himself down to the floor, using the corpses of a giant as an anchor.

Sidni quaffs a potion of polymorph and transforms into a small dragon, intent on grabbing one of the unconscious adventurers and flying off to safety; but then multicoloured sparks explode around them, as an unseen dark elf blasts the area with dispel magic, transforming Sidni back, removing the levitation from Halmary, and removing the haste and infravision spells bestowed on the fallen heroes. Halmary takes advantage of his renewed connection with the ground and hurries over to Corvin, using his healing talents and magic to bring the broken thief back to consciousness: thankfully, Corvin is just in shock and needs a night’s rest to recover. In the meantime, he crawls over to Ungrid to pour a healing potion down his throat.

Across the cavern, Ordoreth witnesses Elgir fall as the giant spiders attack, poisoning him. The elf cuts down a spider, but Elgir collapses. Xellos, meanwhile, uses a potion to neutralise the poison that has Phildor asleep, and sees Mim and the dark elf commander exchange blows.

Sidni and Halmary take the battle to the enemy: Sidni stabs a spider, skewering it, while Halmary whacks an Umber Hulk, after squashing another spider. Phildor, now recovered, confuses an Umber Hulk, who staggers about. Xellos blasts the dark elf commander with dismemberment and wounds him, forcing him to withdraw.

Then the dark elf priestesses hold Sidni and Ordoreth, who stiffen and fall over. The dark elf standing over Orodreth calls out to the rest of the party to surrender: no one does, and soon after both Ordoreth and Elgir have their throats slit, and are deda.

Back at the main battle, Xellos and Phildor fire off spell after spell: the confused Umber Hulk is held, others are resisted, magic missiles pelt the enemy, and Phildor is felled by a poisoned bolt by the commander, but is saved by another potion administrated by Xellos. Mim takes on the hulks, but he is confused by their eyes, and the others wound Sidni, them send Halmary crashing to the ground. Corvin tends to Ungrid, but the dwarf is in a critically condition and needs further aid if he is to live.

The dark elf high priestess calls for surrender, but again, the party refuse. The Umber Hulk fighting Mim takes him down, and after the party refuse to surrender, the high priestess slit his throat as well, killing him too!

Corvin crawls over to Sidni, giving her a potion to remove her paralysis. He then passes a potion of fire breath to her, and she lets it loose on a nearby dark elf, burning her. Corvin then crawls on to reach Halmary, and luckily the cleric is merely knocked out and is woken. A potion of flying is passed to him, which is quaffed, and together they fly off, aiming to get to safety before the dark elves and their allies kill them.

Phildor and Xellos still hold their ground, spells blasting down a spider, enslaving an Umber Hulk that turns in its kin, ripping it apart before engaging the high priestess. Then the wounded commander choking grips Xellos, but the Ruinguard manages to fight it off and attack the dark elf, cutting him down and stealing his life force to heal his wounds.

Sidni takes out the dark elf cleric, and turns back to Ungrid, hoping to get him to safety before the battle claims them all…

End of Session

Kills: 1 umber hulks, 3 giant spiders, 1 dark elf night blades, 2 dark elf spell-swords, 1 dark elf blade-dancers, 1 dark elf cleric.

KO’d: Halmary (but was only knocked out).

Deaths: Ordoreth, Elgir, and Mim (all henchmen).

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