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Against the Giants: Session Eighty

map of dark elf outpost

After checking out the rope-bridges, Sidni reports back to the others and a plan is hatched: Halmary, Ungrid, and Corvin will fly over the chasm on their flying carpet, with a concealed light coin ready to drop on the unsuspecting dark elves manning the ballista by the bridges. Then, at the signal of an explosion of flame and the reveal of the lit coin, the others will head over the bridge to deal with any survivors.

It seemed like a good plan.

It started well: the three flying adventurers flew overhead, dropped the coin to reveal a pair of suddenly blinded dark elves; Ungrid threw his hammer, Corvin slew one with a perfectly aimed poisoned arrow, and Halmary dropped a flame strike on them, killing the other, destroying the ballista and unwittingly alerting the other dark elves nearby. A horn was sounded, and the alarm was raised.

From the barracks, pens and temple, the enemy swarmed out.

From atop the carpet the trio of Ungrid, Corvin and Halmary flew about, taking hits from magic missiles and hurled rocks. The others moved over the bridges, Ordoreth hasting several as he came across. Sidni charged in, skewering a dark elf as he moved into the light of lit coins and torches; she pulled the spear free, and spun around, stabbing Werebane through the heart of another dark elf trying to sneak up behind her. The mighty Grontdrengi hurled over her head, as Ungrid bashed another dark elf leaving the barracks.

Spotting larger figures moving closer, Corvin lit a torch and hurled it in their midst, revealing a quintet of hill giants: Ungrid killed one instantly as his hammer smashed through its head. The dwarf screamed a powerful war cry, and the other giants grew enraged and threw rocks at him; several hit, and the dwarf almost lost his footing on the carpet. Spells flew towards the flying trio: a magic missile is reflected by by Ungrid’s magic ring, and Halmary suddenly finds himself levitated in the air, as a fireball hurtles past, Ordoreth sending in into the giant’s midst, burning them badly.

Across the bridge the others came, Phildor stumbling into the midst of the dark elves; he found himself fighting for his life, as Xellos rushed to his aid, the dire wolf following behind him. Corvin took out another dark elf, then a hill giant, his poisoned arrows proving their worth; Ungrid yelled another war cry, inspiring the others, as he hurled his hammer, felling not one, but two of the charred giants.

Then the tables suddenly turned.

From somewhere unseen, a pillar of unholy flame struck the flying trio: Corvin and Ungrid collapsed, then fell 30′ down to the hard stone floor as the carpet disintegrated into ash: they hit the floor and did not get back up. Halmary found himself badly wounded, still floating in the air, and uttered a prayer to his goddess to heal his wounds.

Below, the battle waged on as more dark elves– priestesses this time– emerged, and out of the darkness Umber Hulks and Giant Spiders started to appear from the shadows.

Ordoreth and Elgir rushed up to attack the priestesses, narrowly death by magic, while the remaining heroes found themselves attacked by dark elves from all sides.

The final giant fell to a wicked thrust from Sidni’s spear, then she rushed to her fallen comrades side, only to be intercepted by another dark elf.

And the call goes out for the heroes to retreat, as the monsters approach from the dark…

End of Session

Kills: 5 hill giants, 6 dark elves.

KO’d: Corvin, Ungrid.

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