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Catacombs of Alam [A]

map of catacombs part A

Catacombs (A)

Area A

  1. The entrance to the catacombs is partially blocked by rubble. A small person can crawl through a gap at the top of the 10′ archway, and it takes 1d6 turns to clear enough space for others. The noise may attract wandering monsters [check halfway through the excavation].
  2. A damp stone sarcophagus, water dripping from fissures in the ceiling. The lid is sealed tight and is plain. Inside is a mummified corpse, its bandages etched with inked runes of protection for a journey into the afterlife. The bandages can be read and used as if they were a Scroll of Protection from Evil (10′ radius).
  3. This end alcove has two whitened sarcophagi flanking a shrine to a deity of merciful death. The 3′ tall statue is of worked stone, with Jet gemstones [100 gp] for eyes. Inside each coffin is a skeleton wrapped in priestly vestments of silver and gold thread [50 gp] with silver coins covering their eye sockets.
  4. This plain stone sarcophagus holds a simple skeleton. Beneath its skull, however, is a folded piece of parchment, which is an old treasure map of a nearby location.
  5. Another plain sarcophagus, inside is nothing but ash. If blood is mixed with this ash it revitalises a cowardly vampire who was slain centuries ago and longs for a peaceful coexistence with its preferred prey, elves.
  6. An obvious bricked up doorway lies flush with the wall. It takes 1d6 turns and a successful Open Doors check to break through [noise calls for another wandering monster check].
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