Catacombs of Alam: Wandering Monsters

Wandering Monsters of the Catacombs

This will make sense once the catacombs posts start appearing.

When noted in the text and every three turns, check for wandering monsters: an encounter occurs on a 2 in 6 chance. Roll on the table below.

1d6 Roll Encounter
1  1d2 Ghouls looking for fresh meat to dine upon
2  1d4 animated skeleton patrolling the catacombs
3  1d6 goblins on a dare to spend a day in the catacombs
4  1d6 giant rats, because rats get everywhere
5   1d4 animated skeleton patrolling the catacombs
6 Special: roll on table below

If a Special encounter occurs, roll below:

1d6 Roll Special Encounter
1  The wizard from area H (Name level wizard)
2  The ghost of a occupant of the catacombs
3  1d4 adventurers that are looking for treasure (level as party)
4  A colony of Green Slime on the ceiling, ready to fall
5  1d6 hungry and scared bandits (level 0 humans)
6  1 Shadow drawn to the catacombs by the lives lost here



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