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I’m currently reading the third book of the Deed of Paksenarrion, which is a good fantasy trilogy and great for anyone wanting to play a paladin (or a mercenary, for that matter). Just read the bit where she is a ranger, and fights a creature called a Daskdraudigs, or Rockterror. A creature of evil, that feeds on blood, and has a hide as hard as stone. In fact, it disguises itself as stone, such as a ledge or ruins.

I thought I’d make one up for our fantasy games, complete with my poorly drawn illustration 🙂

Daskdraudigs aka Rockterror

# Appearing 1d3, Alignment Chaotic, Armour Class as stone (20 for ascending, 0 for descending), Hit Dice 3, Movement 40′ (120′), # Attacks 1 crush, Damage 2d6, Morale 12; immune to mundane weapons, poison, charm and hold, and sleep magic. Vulnerable to daskin arrows, which treat Armour Class as non-armoured (AC10) and do double damage on a successful hit.

The daskdraudigs are large serpentine creatures with a thirst for blood. They disguise themselves as rock and stone (surprise on a 4 in 6, search as if for secret doors) and uncoil to crush their prey; they absorb the blood through their stony hides.

And a new magic item as well (although, technically it is  not magic, but rather expert craftsmanship using rare materials):

Daskin Arrows

Dwarf-made arrows with crystal arrowheads, the daskin. These arrows can pierce through any armour (ignore armour worn by target) and are especially designed to deal with stone-terrors such as the daskdraudigs. A single arrow costs 25 standard coins, and can only be bought from dwarven cities.

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