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The One Ring: Duskwater

Duskwater: An Adventure for The One Ring

This adventure is a one-session adventure (link: torduskwater) for The One Ring RPG, and links in with events and people from both Tales from Wilderland and The Darkening of Mirkwood. This is the crude map I drew for the adventure:

map of an underground grotto

Grotto of the Lost

Feel free to use it for your own campaigns.

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  1. jon December 7, 2016

    Have you written this adventure yourself?

    This little one-off feels true to middle-earth and authentic. There is imagination and imagery breathing out between the lines of the otherwise spare descriptions and writing style. Nicely done!

    You’ve single-handedly launched me on a quest to obtain The One Ring.

    • theskyfullofdust December 7, 2016 — Post author

      Hi Jon. Yes, wrote this little adventure to link in with some of the larger adventures, a bit of foreshadowing if you will. Tried to make it feel like it belonged.

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