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Lottery Dungeon: Session One

Wherein five adventurers embark on their first foray into the dungeon of shifting entrances

Wherein, Davidoss, self-proclaimed King of the Bergers; Amoros, dart-throwing sorcerer; Lucius, self-appointed Lord and Marshall; Captain Viridian McArthur, exile from the Western Sea; and dart-catcher Left-Hand Lenny; do explore, open doors, encounter traps, and slay a poisonous and spider of giant proportions

Wherein the bold adventurers find nothing but wooden planks, copper pipes, looted rooms, and cupboards

Wherein Amoros accidently throws a dart into Left-Hand Lenny’s back; Lucius discovers a pit and plummets into its shallow depths; Davidoss narrowly avoids being impaled by some spears; the Captain proves handy with a pair of blades; and wherein Left-Hand Lenny is struck by another dart and falls into a deep, peaceful slumber

Wherein, the bold adventurers return to the surface before the dungeon closes, and the small crowd rejoices at their survival.

Five went in, five came out, although two were quite injured and one was asleep after being hit by a dart trap. They found no loot to speak of, discovered a few traps and secret doors, and killed a giant spider that came close to killing Davidoss and Lucius (both made their saving throws when bit). Davidoss slew the spider with his final swing of his sword.

The party consists of: Davidoss, Barbarian; Amoros, Magician; Lucius and Viridian, both fighters (sword & shield, and Swashbuckler); and Left-Hand Lenny the thief.

The Crypts & Things rules were ok, although I wasn’t quite sure if I should use Saving Throws for things like Opening Doors, and will need to double-check that. It didn’t come up, so it wasn’t a problem. Also, couldn’t see anything concerning cost of rooms, ale and the like. Used ACKS for that (and the more I read of that system, the more I’m liking it. If this campaign turns into a TPK, then we’ll use ACKS next).

So, first session went ok, no one died, there was a fight and a few traps to contend with, but no loot. But they were unlucky that the randomly determined entrance was a lightly occupied area. Next time there’ll be something different.

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