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Mid-Week Monster: Inklings

InklingPorthus opened the old tome, hoping to find some spells to add to his growing recipe.. erm, spell book. Instead he found a wet splodge of ink, which bound off the page and splattered on the floor; then, with a wet slucking sound, the ink blot exploded into a dozen small ‘creatures’ that swarmed towards the chubby wizard, looking to do him harm.


# Appearing: 2d4 (0)
Hit Dice: 1/2 (1d4 hit points)
Armour Class: as leather
Movement: 30′ (90′)
# Attacks: 1 (drowning)
Damage: 1d6 (see below)
Morale: 12 (fearless)
Inklings are a magical creation, born when a spell book is left alone for several years in an area seeped in magical radiation. The spells on the pages shed their ink to form tiny creatures that defend the book with their lives.

Each Inkling embodies a randomly determined spell (roll on a table appropriate for the dungeon/adventure/character level), which is triggered when the creature is slain and targets the attacker: the spell acts as normal, with a level equal to the spell, and may be beneficial.

Inklings attack by throwing themselves at their opponent, aiming for the mouth in an effort to drown them in ink: on a successful attack the victim must make a saving throw versus paralysis each round or else suffer 1d6 damage; the creature can be removed by washing it out with wine, vomiting it up (takes a round, puts the character out of action the following round as well), or killing it. Attacks with weapons have a chance to hit the victim; treat as if the attacker is firing into melee with a ranged weapon.

If gathered and stored in bottles, the Inkling can be used to scribe scrolls of the spell they embody, increasing the power of such scrolls by a number of levels equal to the spell, as well as reducing the cost by 25%. An Identify spell or similar is needed to determine the spell.

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  1. Jim August 20, 2011

    May I use this monster (and possibly some of your others) in my monster book? You’ll get credit of course and I’m giving the book away as a PDF and making it available at cost on Lulu. Please let me know! Thanks!

  2. trey August 17, 2011

    Great idea for a monster.

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