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Sorcerers of the Subtle Arts

I’m slowly building a new campaign, which will ultimately become the next setting for whichever game I run next. One element of it will be this religion, another will be the an alternative to the classic magic-user, essentially  changing what spells are available.

Sorcerer of the Subtle Arts

Whereas the divine clerics display the vulgar power of their gods, those that practice the arcane arts use a more subtle form of magic, dealing in illusions, mind control and conjurations. These are the secretive and feared Sorcerers of the Subtle Arts.

These sorcerers keep themselves out of the public eye, weaving their magic from behind the scenes, influencing those in power. Others hire themselves out to corrupt merchants, using their arts to create better ‘opportunities’ for their client.

Mechanically speaking, the sorcerer uses whatever magic-user or wizard class the system used has, but the spells they can use are limited to those from the illusion, charm/enchantment, or conjuration schools. No flashy spells, no physical attacking spells such as fireballs or magic missiles; instead these sorcerers use charm magic, illusions and summoned monsters to fight their battles.

Next, an alchemist/mad scientist class.

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