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September Challenge: Tombs of the Naruth: Room 1

Part of the September challenge.

Tombs of the Naruth

Room One: Entrance

From the outside the entrance is little more than a pair of heavy stone doors (Open Doors check or combined Strength of 30, to open) , half-buried by the surrounding hill. Carvings of eyes adorn the doors, faded and worn with time. They open into a large chamber, the entrance to the tombs.

First Impressions

The room is cold and damp, with puddles on the uneven stone floor. Two doors exit the room, to either side, both made of plain stone. At the back is a shattered stone sarcophagus.

Further Observations

The ceiling is covered in webs, which shroud the fractured stone. The sarcophagus is empty and full of broken husks, about the size of a child. Water drips from the ceiling, oozing through the webs.

What’s Inside

Lurking in the webs is a giant spider, which drops on anyone moving towards the centre of the room, surprising on a 4 in 6.

Giant Spider: HD 1, AC as leather, #Attacks 1 bite, Damage 1d4 plus poison, Move 40′ (120′), Morale 10; on a successful hit, save versus poison or limbs swell up in 1d4 rounds, paralysing the victim for 1d6 turns.

More tomorrow.

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