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September Challenge: Tombs of the Naruth: Room 2

Part of the September challenge.

Tombs of the Naruth

Room Two: Servants’ Crypt

Leads from the left-hand door of the entrance, down a 30′ long corridor of plain, damp stone.

An eight-sided chamber, wherein the servants of the Naruth were interred.

First Impressions

An octagonal chamber, with each of the other walls holding three rows of stone shelves, on which wrapped corpses lie. The floor is damp, muddy, the ceiling cracked and dripping water onto the floor.

Further Observations

The bodies are wrapped in old silk (intact, worth 10 gp) and are humanoid in shape, but the size of a child. Further investigation, such as cutting open or unwrapping the body, reveals that these bodies are humanoid insects, fly-men, that are little more than husks that crumble at the touch.

What’s Inside

A secret door leads out of the chamber, hidden behind one of the bodies on the left-hand wall. It is a 2′ high, 4′ wide stone slab that swings inwards, triggered by a loose stone in the corner of the shelf.

One of the 21 bodies wears a golden neck chain with a pendant of a five-pointed star made of some strange white metal (the necklace is worth 25 gp). It is not magical.

More tomorrow.

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