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September Challenge: Tombs of the Naruth: Room 5

Part of the September challenge.

Tombs of the Naruth

Room Five: Waiting Room

Accessed via the first door in room three.

Another L-shaped room, with cells along the walls; there the faithful were held to await their transformation.

First Impressions

This L-shaped room bends round to the left. Immediately beyond the door are two rows of benches, plain stone showing wear from countless people sitting down. Along the walls are cells, the doorways iron bars that swing apart.

The room is mostly dry, with only a few damp spots near the entrance.

Further Observations

Each cell is cross-shaped, each protrusion holding a plain stone bench or bed. All the barred doors are locked with a simple bolt from the outside, easily opened from within.

What’s Inside

In two of the cells are the skeletal remains of humans, dressed in tattered grey robes. One has a plain silver ring (worth 10 gp).

More tomorrow.

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