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September Challenge: Tombs of the Naruth: Room 8

Part of the September challenge.

Tombs of the Naruth

Room Eight: The Cleansing Fire

Accessed via the fire-symbol door in room seven.

In this trapezoid chamber, the faithful were purged of their sin by fire.

First Impressions

An elongated trapezoid with charred walls, floor and ceiling. At the far end is a symbol embossed on the floor, right in front of a statue of a dragon with its mouth wide open.

Further Observations

The symbol is a giant eye, open wide. The statue is copper, hollow and magical. It is hot to the touch and wisps of steam issue from the mouth.

What’s Inside

Anyone standing on the symbol hears a dull roar from inside the statue, and a round later, a jet of white-hot flame pours out of the dragon’s mouth, enveloping the person standing in the symbol; anyone closer than 10′ takes 1d4 damage (save versus breath to move back and avoid) from the heat.

The person standing, so long as they do not move, find the flames hot but painless; in fact, the cleansing fire cures any and all poisons, diseases and removes curses, magical and mundane.

However, if that person attempts to move out of the way, duck or doge aside, protect themselves in any way, then the fire burns them: 1d12 damage per level of the character, with a save versus breath weapon for half-damage. There is also a 2 in 6 chance that their armour is destroyed, and a 1 in 6 chance that any weapons or items carried are also melted or burned away (roll for each, or randomly pick 1d4 items).

The fire is triggered every time someone stands on the symbol, but it has to be a living person, not an object or an animal or construct.

More tomorrow.

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