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September Challenge: Tombs of the Naruth: Room 9

Part of the September challenge.

Tombs of the Naruth

Room Nine: Eyes Shut Tight

Accessed via the circle-symbol door in room seven.

In this diamond chamber, the faithful show their blind faith.

First Impressions

This room is pitch black, the walls, floor and ceiling painted a deep black that absorbs the light.

Further Observations

If a light is brought or shone into the room, only the door to room 11 is visible.

If a character enters the room without a light and shuts their eyes, a ghostly imprint of the room appears to them, showing only the door to room 10.

The room is otherwise featureless.

What’s Inside

Two doors, only one visible at any time. The other can be detected as a secret door, and both open simply by pushing them.

More tomorrow.

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