September 30

Forgotten Friday: Map of Port Obsidian

Too hot and tired to do the post I wanted to do write, so instead here is a map of a port town I drew up for a campaign a couple of years back.

Port Obsidian
Click to make it grow larger ūüėČ

Have a nice weekend everyone.

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June 17

The Many-Eyed Bear of Appleby


Inspired by Bear Week by B/X Blacrazor, and after browsing through images on deviantArt (great site for artwork), here is a killer bear to throw at a party of adventurers (be they heroes or not):

The Many-Eyed Bear of Appleby

Some say that the crazed bear with its many eyes was the result of bizarre magical experiment at the hands of green-skinned creatures that came from the stars.

Whatever the origin of this beast, it is greatly feared by the survivors of the village of Appleby. It has a taste for human and elven flesh (but will not eat dwarf), is fearless in the thick of battle, and has a mesmeric effect on those who meet its many eyes.

Thought to be unique, no one has yet faced this huge bear and lived; and the local Baron has a reward for anyone foolish brave enough to kill it, skin it, and make the roads safe once again.


Unique beast: Alignment Neutral, Move 60′ (180′), Armour Class as leather & shield (15 for LotFP), Hit Dice 5, Hit Points 36, # Attacks 2 claws, 1 bite, Damage 1d8/1d8/1d6, Morale 10 (but 12 once in combat)

Special: knock-down, on a successful hit victim must save versus paralysis or be knocked prone; crush, against a prone target the bear simply falls and crushes its victim, save versus paralysis to roll out of the way or take 2d6 damage;¬†mesmeric eyes, catching the bear’s eyes requires a save versus magic or else be hypnotised for 1d6 rounds or until hit, counts as surprised in combat with an additional -2 (penalty) to Armour Class.


June 10

Arabian Themed Sandbox Campaign

Campaign Map
Land of the Free

Land of the Free

Back before I started working on my Eternal Empire campaign, I was thinking of doing a small scale campaign for our 3.5 D&D group. Something set in an Arabian styled desert, with merchants ruling three city-states, which were established by those fleeing the shadowy kingdom from beyond the mountains (a vampire-ruled kingdom, full of death and slavery).

I never got very far with it, as we started a different campaign instead, but I did get as far as creating a map (over to the left, in case you missed it) that I was going to expand upon.

My premise for this campaign was to have the party thrown into the desert, as a result of a summoning spell that goes wrong and traps them in this unknown land. They’d be free to travel where they wished, and aside from wandering/random encounters, there’d be timed events, location-based adventures, and triggered encounters depending on where they went.

I still might get around to fleshing it out at some point. Maybe using my steampunk ideas to create some sort of hybrid beast. The map is a good starting point, and is small enough to create something meaningful without putting too much detail in it.

Now, what I really need is something books on life in the desert, ideally around the Middle Ages or¬†Renaissance period, but for the life of me I can’t find anything decent. Anyone got any ideas?

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June 3

Forgotten Friday: The Wizard’s Brain

steampunk-mouse-with-brain-by-peter-balchThis strange contraption of brass, wood and glass holds a brain inside a glass dome. Wires connect the brain to a clockwork mechanism built into the base of the contraption.

One one side is a winding key. When turned and released, the contraption generates miniature lightning that powers the device and activates its magic.

When wound, the brain comes ‘alive’ and can be questioned as if it were a sage or scholar with specialised knowledge of magic, history and the arts (of whatever the DM choosees): each winding allows five general questions to be answers, three more specific questions, or one detailed answer. In all cases there is only a 60% chance that the answer is accurate, and a 10% chance of an outright lie.

The contraption is quite fragile and be easily broken. It weighs as much as a suit of chain mail, and if carried when activated there is a chance (2 in 6) that the movement will cause a chain reaction that incinerates the brain. A new brain would then need to be installed, after the gears and cogs are realigned.

The device can be wound three times a day without damaging the brain. Further winding has a cumulative 1 in 10 chance of causing brain damage, thus ruining the brain.

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May 27

Infectious Zombies

Inspired from the tutorial adventures (last post) and numerous zombie films, thought I’d play around with an infectious zombie for D&D related games (using LotFP Weird Fantasy for this).

Are you?

Infectious Zombie

Hit Dice 2
Armour Class
20′ (60′)
# Attacks
1 bite

The bite of an infectious zombie can spread the plague of undeath that animates said corpse. Anyone bitten must make a save versus poison or catch the dreaded, and ultimately deadly, disease.

Infection: every hour make another save versus poison or lose 1 point of Constitution and Strength. When either drops to zero, the victim falls into a coma and dies in 1d12 hours; after death they rise as an infectious zombie in a further 1d12 hours, with an insatiable desire to spread their disease and eliminate the living.

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