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The Fortress: Area A

map of fortress area A

Fortress Entrance

Area A

  1. A portcullis bars the entrance to the fortress, and small open windows look out over the only way in. 1d2 bandits guard the entrance, but there is only a 2 in 6 chance that they are paying attention.
  2. This bed chamber has windows looking out and in, a table and chair beneath the outward window, and a chest holding blankets, 1d6 torches, and a spare dagger. Under the pillow is another dagger, and 2d6 gold pieces are hidden under the mattress.
  3. The guardroom where the bandits keep watch. An arrow slit looks into the fortress, the winch of the portcullis is here, as is a barrel of rainwater, a small keg of brandy, and a box holding iron rations and several apples. Around the corner is a well, 30′ deep.
  4. A rack of 1d6 spears and a wooden shield stands here.
  5. This corner has arched pillars, a small tapestry showing a picture of the deity of blood, murder and savage war. A shrine to the deity stands in an alcove, prayers to war etched into the red-painted stone.
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