Month: July 2019

map of cellar and tunnels and shrine

The Old Watchtower: Part 2

Session 12 In the ruins of the watchtower the wounded party settled down to rest and recover. They camped for most of the day, until Old Man Willow and Magnus had woken, and everyone else was feeling much better. Guards were set, with even Ratkin taking a shift, but nothing unexpected happened. With their wounds tended to and their bruises healing, they grabbed their gear and headed back down into the dank cellar and the tunnels leading off. Torches and

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old watchtower ruins

The Old Watchtower: Part 1

Session 11 Around mid-morning the party arrived at the ruins of the Old Watchtower: a tower that sat along the remains of the Wall, looking out towards the Great Forest, and over a lake where the flooded ruins of some old settlement could just about be seen. The ruins looked empty, the field of grass and trees quiet. To the North and West the slopes of the hills began their climb to the distant mountains, where the sun was peeking

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The Haunted Wood

I’ve just made my latest RPG adventure book live on . This is an adventure for The Black Hack 2E rules, for about 4-6 Level 4 characters. Here’s the cover of the printed copy I got the proof of this morning: And here are a couple of pics of the interior pages, and the maps at the back of the book (also inside, and the PDF download has a separate file with all the maps on it): Here’s the

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Ravenscar: Part 3

The Monday before last was our tenth session, concluding the foray to Ravenscar and embarking on a short journey to the old watchtower to the north. Skipped last week as people were away, but back to it this Monday. Session Ten The party descended the stairs into what turned out to be an old summoning room, complete with a summoning/protection circle engraved in the stone floor, inlaid with tarnished silver. They avoided crossing the circle, and explored the small room:

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map of ravenscar ruins

Ravenscar: Part 2

Our ninth session mostly consisted of deals with a rat-goblin and a fight in the cellar of the ruins, against giant and monstrous centipedes. Session Nine The party continued to search the piles of rubble. Suddenly, a terrfying presence rose from the debris that Old Man Willow was checking out: a giant rat, fangs dripping with venom, bone-chilling. The sight of it sent Horace, Jacob and Magnus fleeing from the sight; whilst the others just saw Ratkin, the red-coated, top

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