Month: August 2019

Bees, Trees, & Bridges: Part 2

Session 14 After an uneventful night, the party spent some time discussing, in excruciating detail, how best to retrieve the statuette from the hive without disturbing the hornets: using hollow logs to create a chimney for smoke, burning branches, wading in weapons swinging, sending flaming arrows into the walls of the treehouse, all were discussed. In the end they decided to build some crude doors out of woven branches and leaves, to block the doorways of the adjacent hut to

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Bees, Trees & Bridges: Part 1

Session 13 The party headed out of Gallows Hill and across the old bridge, past the Wall and the border between the Reach and the Great Forest. With Callum leading the way (having hunted along the borders for many years) they followed the old path that led through the ancient forest, North to the old Waystone that marked an overgrown and faded crossroads. There they rested for the night, surrounded by beautiful and peaceful woods. The stone itself, worn and

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Book of Lairs # 6

My latest (and penultimate) book of lairs– Book of Lairs: Desolation– is now live on Drivethru. Took a while to get the proof correct, but the copy I opened today looked great. The colours really pop. I’ll be starting to post the first of the lairs for the last book before the end of the month. If you’re interested in seeing these before they are combined into the final book, check out my Patreon site: Cheers, Simon.

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