Month: June 2020

picture of a machine called AE-1

Electric Bastionland: New Game

The Cider Wars – Episode 1 Sessions 1 & 2 We played our first couple of sessions of Electric Bastionland yesterday and last week, including character creation. I’m not going to do my usual long-winded breakdown of the sessions; instead I’m going to be producing newspaper articles based on events and adding a bit of gossip and potential hooks. By the end there’ll be a full newspaper of events. Here’s the first: The characters rolled had the following stats/Failed Careers

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Death by Dragon

The End

Session 50 As the Huge Great Green Dragon burst from the roof of the hall, Magnus in raven-form flew off straight to the lizardmen lair, ducking through windows to hide his presence and managed to escape from its sight, flying off into the forest, as the dragon landed upon the rubble and shouted out for the attention of the chieftain. Meanwhile, seeing the dragon appear, the rest of the party abandoned the field and hid, behind rubble, fallen tent and

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