Month: July 2020

No More Maps?

Anyone who follows me on anything may have noticed that I’ve pretty much stopped drawing maps, for the most part. I’m still producing them for my own game, but Patreon (for example) is effectively on hold until I can figure out what I’m doing with it (I got an idea, but needs some work first). Technically, I’m still up for commissioned work, since the extra money is always welcomed (plus I enjoy the challenge of commissions), but largely, I think

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fantasy canals

Electric Bastionland: Merman Trouble

We are now seven sessions into our Electric Bationland game, and it’s been fun. I think everyone had been enjoying it, and it has been a much more role-play heavy game that we usually play (role-play is always a factor, but since the games in the past have been D&D-types, there has also been a heavy element of fighting monsters), with only a few actually rolls since we started, only a couple of short-lived fights, and a lot of hijinks.

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