And the rest?

But, what about the others? We know there are more!

Well, yes, there are a few more, although none have sold well enough to be a best seller of anything. These, however, are the rest of my current work. I have my final book of lairs due out in the new year, currently creating it and posting it spread-by-spread on my Patreon site.

There are three more, two books of lairs, and an adventure for The Black Hack that I released not too long ago. First though, the two most recent books of lairs:

Book of Lairs: People & Places

Book of Lairs: People and Places
Book of Lairs: People and Places

The fifth book of lairs, this was an experiment in colour-themed layout and had a few more stock art that I’ve begun using. This one, the Book of Lairs: People & Places is a set of ten NPC lairs across multiple spreads for each.

I have no idea how this one has gone down, and i don’t think it’s got any sort of review yet. I liked creating the NPCs, but the pages sometimes become stat-heavy, and trying to constrain that into the two-page spread format was difficult. I don’t think the colour schemes worked as well either.

Note to self: so many negative comments can’t be good for marketing my own work!

Book of Lairs: Desolation

Book of Lairs: Desolation

My sixth and penultimate book of lairs recently came out, and was the first of mine to be published using the new Affinity Publisher software (which I heartily recommend). Again, the usual two-page spreads, and this time all themed around desolation (plus set in a region known as the Desolation, tying in with some of my previous work), this was the Book of Lairs: Desolation and has a few new monsters and more stock art illustrations, with add more to the overall book I think.

This one turned out reasonably well, and I quite liked the twelve lairs I made. Still too early, I think, to see how well it’s gone down.

The Haunted Wood

The Haunted Wood

Deviating from my usual system of choice (ACKS, since I played it for long enough to have a grasp of the rules), this adventure was written and ran for The Black Hack (2E) system.

The Haunted Wood is another of what I like to call an adventure location (which is what they are really, yes?) because I can’t think of a better name. It is all set in a mysterious forest, with exploration largely through a random table. It is my second longest piece, 88 pages, and more graphically designed than others.

I liked writing this one, as there is a story hidden within the various encounters and locations, which the players may or may not uncover, and while it is not needed for the adventure to be played out, it adds another element to the adventure that some players (such as mine) found interesting to piece together.

Although it is written for The Black Hack (2e) it should be easy enough to convert (on the fly if necessary) the adventure for other systems, especially old school types.

And that’s it, for now at least. I have my final book of lairs coming out in 2020 (January most likely) and I have another adventure that I’ll release once I’ve finished running it and amending as necessary (maps all done now), which will be a PWYW publication.

And for 2020, I’ve going to be creating and (eventually) publishing my own RPG too! The draft version of the text is all done, I just need to play it and see if it works. That’s the plan. It’s also going to be the focus of my Patreon once the final book of lairs is completed (because I’m running out of ideas for those).

And finally, I’ll be revising the Spire too.