Are You My Mummy: Part 2

Two sessions worth before tonight’s game. First session was largely fighting and retreating, but last week’s was predominantly role-playing. One thing we did do was ignore the mummy rot, as it didn’t feel right. It was still a tough fight without it.

Session 26 & 27

Alf clashed with the mummy, his magic spear being one of the few things able to wound it. Magnus, thankfully, was able to lob magic missiles at the enemy, while the others stood terrified or backed away. Willow grabbed a torch and lit it, hoping that fire would prove dangerous to the preserved and mummified remains of these lordly creatures.

There were more than one mummy, and while one disappeared back into the darkness of the corridor beyond, whispering something about going to ‘warn the lord’, the others attacked, their fists delivering powerful blows. Jacob grabbed the torch from Willow and waved in the face of one of the mummies, its bandages charring under the fire. That one tried to back away, but magic missiles shot it down! The other mummy started to back away, but the combined might of Alf’s spear, Jacob’s flaming torch, and good fortune, sent the creature to its final death.

With several injured from blows that’d received, they hurried across the lightning chamber, back outside, where they set camp, posted guards and slept after some magical healing. The night went by without any trouble, and in the morning, more or less fully recovered, they took stock of their supplies and distributed some items: Ratkin handed out some of his fire-starter marbles, Magnus conjured his Mage Armour again and lent his Ring of Many-Colours to Callum. They collected the few remaining torches they had, and headed back inside the tomb, easily crossing the lightning chamber again (easy enough once they figured out the frequency of the blasts). On the other side Callum lit a lantern, handing it to Ratkin while he and Jacob got torches lit, ready to fight. Alf triggered the door, and it swung open to reveal a dark corridor ahead, alcoves to either side. They started down the passageway, when more mummies leapt out of the alcoves and attacked!

Callum struck the first blow, his flaming torch scorching one mummy’s face; a flurry of magic missiles from Magnus pummelled another, and Willow hurled one of the fire-marbles and struck the third, the sudden burst of fire burning away part of its face. Callum backed off, opening the way for others, while Ratkin chucked another marble at the burnt mummy, charring it further. Jacob whacked it with his torch, but before it could withdraw, another round of magic missiles pulverised it. Meanwhile, Alf and the mummy he fought exchanged blows, and Jacob joined his friend, swinging his torch with wild abandon. Alf landed the final blow, and the mummy fell dead once more.

Then they looked up and saw a large stone golem approaching down the corridor. They retreated quickly, Magnus letting loose more magic missiles at the stone bulk, cracking stone and sending splinters hurtling through the musty air. It swung and clipped Jacob, who dropped his torch and drew his sword, backing away to avoid its fists. Behind it, another mummy shambled forward, straight into a burst of yet more magic missiles as Magnus blasted it. The golem carried on forward, bashing Jacob; the warrior retreated before he collapsed, feeling pretty bruised and battered. Callum used his ring to blast the golem with lightning, and Alf jabbed at it with his spear. Magnus, meanwhile, continued to blast the mummy with magic missiles. The heroes found themselves backing away, as Callum tried and failed to blind the mummy with magical light, and Jacob fled before the might of the golem, and both Ratkin and Willow missed with their fire-marbles. Then Alf recovered and struck at the golem, sending fragments of stone flying.

Magnus tried to summon more magic, but was drained and backed away. Alf then suffered a powerful punch to the chest, causing him to stagger back several feet. Callum backed off, while Jacob brought out his bow, hoping to distract the monsters if nothing else. Alf struck back, shattering more of its stony hide, and then Willow suffered a blow from the mummy, but rammed his torch into its chest, and slayed the monster!

Then the golem backhanded Alf and sent him crashing, unconscious, to the floor!

The golem then turned on Magnus, punching him so hard it sent the mage to his knees. Callum threw a globe of darkness over its head, but that just slowed it down; but it helped, and allowed Willow to grab Alf’s spear, while Callum tended to Alf.

Willow charged at the golem, and with a war-cry, he plunged the magic blade straight through its body, shattering the creature!

They managed to close the door to the hallway, and decided to camp there, rather than risk drag unconscious allies across the lightning chamber. They pushed bricks and debris in front of the door, and Callum volunteered to stand guard all night, so that everyone could get a good night’s sleep.

Midway through the door, everyone awoke as the door began to open, pushing and sticking against the debris blocking it. Everyone decided to run, and charged across the lightning chamber, up and out of the tomb. Back outside they camped again, Callum standing guard, but thankfully nothing disturbed them and in the morning, all refreshed, they headed back down, with only a couple of torches between them.

Cautiously they moved along, opening the door, entering the corridor and searching the sarcophagi in the alcoves to either side: corpses, mummified remains, some obviously the ones they’d fought, others untouched. They let Ratkin take the grave goods, then Jacob set alight the corpses, as they proceeded. An empty font was at the end of the corridor, and another passage disappeared into deeper darkness. Magnus had a good look behind the font, but found nothing of interest. They continued on, finding more coffins, but while Jacob and Ratkin began dealing with them, Alf and Magnus walked into a room where a mummy dressed in plated armour, another mummy dressed as some lady, and another stone golem, all stood waiting for them!

The armoured mummy spoke and demanded to know who they were, why they were invading his tomb, and Alf, Magnus and Callum engaged him in conversation: this was the Lord Inquisitor, one of those who had originally fought the Raven King and had arranged for himself to be entombed, in case he was ever needed again. They managed to convince him that they were against the king and his followers, and indeed had succeeded in taking some of his stuff, as well as locating several of the statuettes. The Lord was impressed but dismayed that the king was raising an army again, and believed he should go forth, raise his own army, and basically slaughter all of the forest folk, conquer the forest once and for all, and maybe even burn it to the ground!

They (at least they hoped) managed to persuade him to stay put, while they did some more investigation and got word back to the Empress that he had awakened and was willing to aid the Empire again. They also begged for magic weapons to help them in the fight, and they were given a magical sword and shield. They were told to return in a month’s time, and the heroes quickly left the tomb before they made the situation worse, or the Lord spotted Ratkin and thought them in league with the goblins and the king after all.

Willow donned the amour, Jacob took the sword, and they hurried outside, closing the doors behind them, and wondered what on earth they should do next!

End of Session

Note: some characters have enough XP to level up, but need to get to a safe place to do so.