Books of Lairs

Back in 2014 I started a Patreon site to support the creation of a generic fantasy Book of Lairs, using the Adventurer, Conqueror, King System RPG (ACKS for short).

Since then I have published a second book, the Book of Lairs: Urban Encounters, a third book, The Vale of the Iron God, a fourth entitled Book of Lairs: Abandoned Places, my fifth one: Book of Lairs: People & Places, and my penultimate book, Desolation, the sixth book. The final, seventh, book, Dungeons, is out now too.

The completed books are all available to buy.

Below I have placed the maps from the on-going series of books here for personal, non-commercial use in your own games. I hope that they come in useful.

2 thoughts on “Books of Lairs

  1. Love your book of lairs!

    I have trouble with Vale of the Iron God though in that at the end. How many silver bricks and golden tiles can the characters pull out?

    1. Hi Matthew. Quick answer: a lot! I seldom put scales on my maps, so GMs can adapt them to suit their needs, but a default scale is 1 mm = 1 foot, and that is roughly the scale of the maps. I’d say each corridor was about 10′ high, each room 15′ high. Silver tiles (2′ square) are about 16 tiles per 10′ wall; the gold bricks are about four times as many. Each tile would weight something like 3 stone, each brick a stone in encumbrance. Hope that helps.

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