Books of Lairs: Part 3

Continuing with a bit of self-promotion, this is the third part of my books of lairs.

The next two in this series are both Best Copper Sellers, which is still not bad, and much better than I ever expected.

Vale of the Iron God: The Third Book of Lairs

cover of third book of lairs
Vale of the Iron God (WiP)

My third book of lairs is the Vale of the Iron God: the Third Book of Lairs, which was a bit of an experiment.

This proposed a small sandbox setting, in a valley, with ten lairs (across the usual spreads, although some were multiple spreads for different levels in their lairs) based around a mixture of creatures and NPCs.

The overall theme was an around an imprisoned ‘god’ inside a tomb beneath a waterfall, with various monsters and NPCs in lairs around the valley. Probably a bit too small to work as well as it should, but most of the lairs could be taken out and plonked down somewhere else with little alteration. At least that was the idea.

I’ve not idea how well this worked. I know Andrew Shields re-purposed it for his own game, even going as amending the picture. I always liked how Andrew made these his own.