Books of Lairs: Part 4

Continuing with the marketing of my books of lairs, with the final book that has made it as a Best Copper Seller; although there are others in the series (six so far, one to come).

Book of Lairs: Abandoned Places

cover of book of lairs
Book of Lairs: Abandoned Places

My fourth book of lairs is the Book of Lairs: Abandoned Places, again following the now standard format of two-page spreads with the map on one side, text on the other (sometimes spilling over into multiple pages).

This book had thirteen lairs of places that had been abandoned by their original owners and were now being used as lairs by others. I liked the overall idea, and this also was my first use of stock art since I could no longer afford to pay someone to do illustrations for me.

I started a bit more experimenting with this and the future books, chiefly in the layout and formats. This was a bit more of an experiment that those that followed, and I don’t think it worked as well as I wanted (which is a common theme with my work now), but you learn by trying and failing and trying again, so I take it as a success for that if nothing else.