Books of Lairs: Part 1

I was checking out my publisher’s account over at the other day, and realised that some of my products had reached the Best Silver and Best Copper Sellers lists. They may still only have sold a modest number, but I’m quietly proud that something that I wrote and mapped has been successful, albeit in small numbers.

So, a bit of marketing: here are those books of mine that have achieved such acclaim, which I’ll post about every day this week.

First up, the original book of lairs:

The Book of Lairs

Best Silver Seller
book of lairs one
Book of Lairs

The original, you might say, Book of Lairs is a collection of lairs for standard fantasy monsters (with a few new ones thrown in), with a map on one page and the text opposite, so that it is all one one A5-page spread for easy reference.

It covers monsters from A to Z, one for each letter, and all the maps are full-colour, hand-drawn, and are designed to fit into existing games with relative ease.

It is also the best of the series, I think, and if I’m honest I don’t think any of those that followed had the same feel or impact; although I could be wrong, but that’s how it is for me.