Brokin Teef

Sketch of some of the islands in the game

My Own RPG

Over at my Patreon site, I have started a new project: my own RPG called Brokin Teef.

It’s a game about gangs of scavengers that delve into ruins, derelicts and rusting outposts in search of things they can salvage, food, and ancient technology. There are other gangs to compete against, monsters to fight, and places to explore.

It is not a retro-clone of anything, and uses a simple core mechanic for its system, but I’m designing to be ‘old-school’ in the way it plays, driven more by player skill than character skills, trying to capture that exploration, looting, fighting or fleeing from monsters, that old/new-old games have.

Will I succeed? Who knows? Come along and find out with me.

The first post has the original draft of the rules, a basic character sheet, and future posts with showcase spreads from the game as I progress and the drafts as I complete them (the early ones will be unfinished).