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Book of Lairs: Dungeons

My final book of lairs- Book of Lairs: Dungeons– is now live on Drivethru, just before the year ends. This is the last book I’ll be doing of this ilk. Maybe my last RPG book ever, not sure yet. Even thinking of stopping the semi-professional creation of maps, since it’s a niche market and there are so many map-makers out there now, and many are much better than I am. So, my plan for 2020 is to do something different.

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And the rest?

But, what about the others? We know there are more! Well, yes, there are a few more, although none have sold well enough to be a best seller of anything. These, however, are the rest of my current work. I have my final book of lairs due out in the new year, currently creating it and posting it spread-by-spread on my Patreon site. There are three more, two books of lairs, and an adventure for The Black Hack that I

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Books of Lairs: Part 4

Continuing with the marketing of my books of lairs, with the final book that has made it as a Best Copper Seller; although there are others in the series (six so far, one to come). Book of Lairs: Abandoned Places My fourth book of lairs is the Book of Lairs: Abandoned Places, again following the now standard format of two-page spreads with the map on one side, text on the other (sometimes spilling over into multiple pages). This book had

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Books of Lairs: Part 3

Continuing with a bit of self-promotion, this is the third part of my books of lairs. The next two in this series are both Best Copper Sellers, which is still not bad, and much better than I ever expected. Vale of the Iron God: The Third Book of Lairs My third book of lairs is the Vale of the Iron God: the Third Book of Lairs, which was a bit of an experiment. This proposed a small sandbox setting, in

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Books of Lairs: Part 2

My second Silver Best Seller on DrivethruRPG is the follow-up to the original Book of Lairs, this time themed around urban settings. The Book of Lairs: Urban Encounters My second book of lairs is the urban-themed The Book of Lairs: Urban Encounters, which is again a series of lairs on A5-sized spreads, maps on one side, text on the other. This has 25 lairs, from a mixture of sources, following the alphabet listing as previously. I think this is my

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Books of Lairs: Part 1

I was checking out my publisher’s account over at the other day, and realised that some of my products had reached the Best Silver and Best Copper Sellers lists. They may still only have sold a modest number, but I’m quietly proud that something that I wrote and mapped has been successful, albeit in small numbers. So, a bit of marketing: here are those books of mine that have achieved such acclaim, which I’ll post about every day this

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Book of Lairs # 6

My latest (and penultimate) book of lairs– Book of Lairs: Desolation– is now live on Drivethru. Took a while to get the proof correct, but the copy I opened today looked great. The colours really pop. I’ll be starting to post the first of the lairs for the last book before the end of the month. If you’re interested in seeing these before they are combined into the final book, check out my Patreon site: Cheers, Simon.

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Book of Lairs: People and Places

Book of Lairs: People & Places

My latest Book of Lairs: People & Places was published recently and is available here. This is my fifth Book of Lairs: People & Places, written with the Adventurer, Conqueror, King System in mind, but easily compatible with other similar old school fantasy RPGs. This book has ten ‘lairs’ and the NPCs that inhabit each, again on two-spreads: a double-page for the usual map/lair combination, and another double-page covering the NPCs and whatever treasure can be found. I have used stock art by William

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Book of Lairs: Abandoned Places

My fourth Book of Lairs: Abandoned Places is now live! This collection of lairs consists of the usual two-page spreads of maps and text, with monsters taken from the Adventurer, Conqueror, King System (ACKS) core book and the Lairs & Encounters book; but it is compatible with other old-school fantasy games with hardly any effort. This book is themed, with each lair being abandoned by its former occupants and taken as the lair of some other creature or creatures. There are 13 lairs in all.

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cover of third book of lairs

Self-promotion: The Vale of the Iron God

My third Book of Lairs, entitled Vale of the Iron God, is now available to buy, and was supported via my Patreon site. Maps, lairs and dungeons all appeared there before it was published. This book has ten locations, a mix of lairs and dungeons, some spread across multiple pages, but all using the same two-page spread for maps/text and written with the ACKS rules; it include some new monsters as well. Available at RPGNow and Lulu. The vale sits between two mountains that border the rolling

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Book of Lairs: Urban Encounters

Self-promotion: Book of Lairs- Urban Encounters

My second Book of Lairs (subtitled Urban Encounters) is another collection of lairs (25 in all), again with two-page spreads with a map on one side and the text opposite. This time the monsters come from a variety of sources, not just the ACKS core rule book. There are monsters here from Teratic Tome, Monstrosities, and The Tome of Horror Complete. There are also two new monsters, this time illustrated by the talented artist Gennifer Bone. Available now on RPGNow and Lulu. The Book of Lairs: Urban Encounters is a

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book of lairs one

Self-promotion: Book of Lairs

The first Book of Lairs is a set of 26 lairs, with each map & lair on a two-page spread of this A5-sized perfect-bound book. The monsters are largely all from the core ACKSrule book, one for each letter of the alphabet, with a few new monsters to fill in some gaps; these new monsters are fully written up for ACKS and come complete with illustrations by the very talented Jim & Josefin Magnusson. Available on RPGNow and Lulu. This Book of Lairs is a collection of 26 lairs

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RPG Cartography, Adventures and Books of Lairs

A New Focus I started this blog back in 2011, a mix of rudimentary maps, ill-thought out ideas, and play reports from various campaigns. Interest in keeping it updated waned, posts came fewer and fewer (there were only 5 last year) and it was hard to compete with all those other blogs out there. So, time for a change and a different focus. Last year I redesigned this site to focus more on my map-making, RPG books (the Book of Lairs

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