Electric Bastionland: Merman Trouble

We are now seven sessions into our Electric Bationland game, and it’s been fun. I think everyone had been enjoying it, and it has been a much more role-play heavy game that we usually play (role-play is always a factor, but since the games in the past have been D&D-types, there has also been a heavy element of fighting monsters), with only a few actually rolls since we started, only a couple of short-lived fights, and a lot of hijinks. The treasure-hunters haven’t got rid of any more debt yet, but do have a good stash of cash, ready to buy some worthwhile meat to clear their debt with the Lion Council.

These past few sessions have revolved around another job the Lunar Lord, who sent them to procure a fortune-telling merman, who they convinced to accompany them to a fake meeting with the lord; they stuck him in a bathtub on wheels, and handed him over without too much moral discussion. They may have made an enemy of the Water-rats, nomadic canal-dwellers, after shooting a few of them, killing three; and last night saw them exploring and looting a hidden vault accessed through a portal linked by two folding doors, as well as rescuing a lost thief, an injured Water-rat, and ridding the world of a zombie and a psycho.

I’ve put together another newspaper spread with some of the highlights.

And here’s the adventure I ran concerning the Merman and the Water-rats (players beware, there may be a spoiler or two here):

Once they’ve finished with the vault, I’ll post that adventure here too.

Looking forward to the next game. This has been a fun change of pace.