Electric Bastionland: New Game

The Cider Wars – Episode 1

Sessions 1 & 2

We played our first couple of sessions of Electric Bastionland yesterday and last week, including character creation. I’m not going to do my usual long-winded breakdown of the sessions; instead I’m going to be producing newspaper articles based on events and adding a bit of gossip and potential hooks. By the end there’ll be a full newspaper of events.

Here’s the first:

The characters rolled had the following stats/Failed Careers and are £10,000 in debt to the Lion Council (an actual pride of lions that live out in the wasteland of this borough):

  • Weazel-Cat, an Urbalist (Str 9, Dex 6, Cha 14, 2 hps, £3)
  • Scar Face McCall, a Bailed Prisoner (Str 4, Dex 11, Cha 15, 4 hps, £5)
  • Gavin, a Wilderness Recluse (Str 15, Dex 14, Cha 12, 6 hps, £3)
  • Hippolyte, a Fashionista (Str 10, Dex 13, Char 16, 6 hps, £6): with a great description: “Form-fitting maroon & black vertically striped jacket over a tight fitting long sleved black shirt made of light-weight cotton. Extra skinny, mid-calf length black leather trousers festooned with multiple sizes of chain link which clink together noisily when moving. Wears maroon and black gothic style knee-high boots with large and garish buckles fastening them. Wears an over-sized, hardcased backpack which contains the Macro-Rifle. The casing is designed with the same maroon & black vertical stripes as the jacket and, as with the trousers is covered with noise producing chain links.”

Their first job was to procure someone called the Old Mother for the Lunar Lord, which they did, and also managed to buy off £500 of their debt by purchasing £300 of meat for £400 and a receipt that said it was with £500 from a Mock Spider Butcher (Insy) in the market underneath the Bend of the tramline. The lioness took it away seemingly happy.

Two sessions in, and the game runs easily, we actually had one fight, lots of role-play, only a few dice rolls, and altogether it seems to be a success. We’ll see what happens next week.

The adventure I ran to kick it all off can be downloaded, in case you fancy running it yourself: