Electric Bastionland: Tittle-Tattle Tales

Ten sessions in and we have three gossip-related newspaper spreads highlighting events from the game; all listed below for reference and entertainment.

I would say that the game has so far been a success, with plenty if hijinks, much more focus on figuring how to get stuff done rather than getting into fights and just rolling dice, and allies and enemies made along the way. The players have pretty much embraced the system, and only mentioned levelling up once, and don’t seem bothered by the lack of typical improvement. I think it’s still taking us all a little bit of time to get used to combat, with no to-hit rolls, only damage, but that’s about the only thing so far.

I’ve only used the book itself for creating characters, the setting and NPCs (guides and sparks mostly), and during the actual game the only time I’ve ever had to refer to the book is for looking up equipment to get an idea of costs for items, and for the Scars table. I don’t even need to worry too much about stats for NPCs, since a default of 3hps, 10 for stats and d6 damage works fine. Most of my adventures (such as they are) fit on one or two pages, including a small map, and I even managed to completely wing and improv an entire session based around an urban farm and rescuing chickens for a Mock Chicken.

The next job the players have: cow rustling, or bull rustling to be exact. A trip out into the Deep Country to steal a prized bull. Last session was largely spent making/discussing plans (including releasing zombies into the countryside, miniaturising people and the bull, and fire). It’ll be interesting to see how things pan out next week.

Until then, enjoy the local news spreads.