Electric Bastionland: Worms and Zombies

Here is our latest gossip on events in the Buttermilk Borough of the ongoing Bastionland game:

Since the last one, the treasure-hunters (or vagabonds as they’ve become know in the gossip rags) have stolen a bull from a farm in the Deep Country, paid a visit to the Painted Chimney to procure some oddities (a goo-bomb that coats targets in a jelly-baby blob; a zane star shuriken that freezes its target; glow-in-the-dark paint; and some spider-climbing gloves), and rescued a Worm Queen from some demented Machine. They also dumped the zombies from their Folding Door vault and left them roaming the local cemetery; and as you can see from the gossip rag, everyone has consequences.

We’re over a dozen sessions into this now, with only a portion of their debt paid off (they have the money for more, but the time to their next payment is a couple of weeks away, and they need meat), and plans for the future are slowly being.

This continues to be a entertaining game.