Forgotten Factories: an Electric Bastion Borough

So, I’ve got a copy of Electric Bastion by Chris McDowall (website), and I’ve been enjoying reading it immensely. Full of interesting stuff and a great guide for running a game. The rules are simple, the failed careers (sort of like classes) are inspired, and the notes for creating your own boroughs etc. are nice and easy to follow.

So easy, I put a borough together. This is Buttermilk Borough, the Forgotten Factories, a district of abandoned and repurposed factories, canals, a tram linking the city to a railway terminal that sends conscripts off to the Cider War in the Deep Country, and a ring-road that is quite difficult to get off, due to the heavy tolls at junction 7.

I made a players PDF, which shows the map, key locations, complications that may run foul of, rumours of treasures and who wants them, and a little bit on hired help in case they need it.

Here it is: Forgotten Factories (Buttermilk Borough).

Hope you find it useful.