I draw maps for tabletop Role-Playing Games (although, I’d happily draw maps for anything really), and can be commissioned to produce maps at reasonable rates and fairly quickly.

I tend to draw my maps on A4 or A5, depending on the complexity and the sort of map I’m drawing. Some samples of the maps I have and can produce are below.


Map Cost
Greyscale Map £75
Coloured Map £100

If you would like to discuss any commissions with me, please drop me an email at theskyfullofdust (at) gmail (dot) com

Recent Commissions

I was commissioned to produce maps for the Lairs & Encounters supplement for the Adventurer, Conqueror, King System, which was successfully Kickstarted and is now out to purchase.

Some of the maps that I drew for the book are as below:

Some Examples of my maps are below and on the Book of Lairs map page:

I have been inspired by several noteworthy map-makes, without whom I would never have felt the need to improve my skills, and whose maps are always inspiring and make me want to do better.

You can follow them on their blogs/web-sites:

MonkeyBlood Design (the excellent Glynn Seal);

Dyson’s Dodecahedron (Dyson Logos, also has a Patreon site);

msjx (Matt Jackson, also has a Patreon site);

Gothridge Manor (Tim Shorts, also has a Patreon site, and is also the brains behind The Manor ‘zine);

Jim Magnusson (also has a Patreon site, this one is a cool Post Card Monster Manual idea).