Mischievous Monsters: The Standing Stones

Our fourth session concluded the first adventure, my old Mischievous Monsters adventure (lasted four sessions, that’s about 6-8 hours, not bad for a small adventure), and the PCs are on their way home to their village, escorting Barton the trader and the two caravan guards, Horace and Jacob (who may well become allies if the PCs ask them nicely).

Hunting Rats

After resting another day and night, in order for everyone to be fully rested and healed, the three friends and their allies, Horace and Jacob, headed off following the tracks left by the Fir Darrig leader and his rat-goblins.

They tracked the goblins North, over the hills and fields, to the forest in the distance. To avoid being spotted by any guards, the party moved off the trail and made camp in the eaves of the forest to the East. The night passed without incident, and in the chill of the dawn, they stealthily moved into the woods, Callum scouting ahead, his woodland skills being perfect for such a task.

Callum approached a clearing, and could hear the squeaky voices of several rat-goblins chanting. Creeping up he saw a ring of standing stones, three of the goblins around it, chanting away, and in the middle, another one of those robed ogres slowly taking form, summoned from somewhere else.

He sneaked back to the others and filled them in, all deciding that they needed to stop the chanting before the ogre appeared. Alf suggested that they just charge in, with Horace, Jacob and Magnus (with a homemade sling he’d put together) providing missile support, while Alf and Callum waded in, sword swinging and spear jabbing.

Without further ado, they charged into the clearing. Callum lead the charge, his sword cutting deep in the rat-goblin’s hide, disrupting the summoning (and the ogre in the middle vanished with a howl); Alf charged straight at another, his spear thrusting into its chest and heaving it off the ground. It died instantly, and was thrown to the ground.

It was then that Alf spotted another ogre in the trees, and movement all around them: two of the monkish ogres stomped out of the trees where they’d been hiding, along with several of the goblins. Their leader, his red coat catching the light as he stepped forward, yelled at his minions: “Kill them!”

Horace fired arrows into their midst, but the trees stopped their piercing points. Jacob, meanwhile, found that he had run out of arrows and pulled his sword just in time to parry the blow off an ogre. Magnus hurled a rock, which just bounced off its hide.

Callum and Alf found themselves fighting the large ogre, ducking its punches, parrying its bite, as they cut and thrust at the enemy. Goblins rushed them too. The other ogre fought Jacob, while Horace and Magnus found other goblins rushing towards them. Their leader hung back, another goblin by his side, twitching to join the fight.

Alf felt searing pain as the goblin stabbed him and retaliated with a spear through its chest. Callum exchanged blows with the ogre, neither landing much of a hit. Magnus stepped back, and released a fan or intense flames, incinerating one of the goblins and burning the ogre.

The fight raged on, blow exchanged for blow, blood spilled on both sides. Somewhere along the way the leader and his guard vanished. Then, Horace went down, a blow to his head sending him reeling! One of the ogres fell next, Alf’s spear jabbing its eye, and poking out the other side of its head. Then Jacob went down, a blow sending him crashing back into the trees!

Suddenly, there was only one goblin and an ogre left. The ogre reared up to strike Magnus down, then stumbled and fell as Alf charged it and pierced its heart. The remaining goblin threw down its sword and dropped to its knees, surrendering; Callum showed no mercy and cut it down where it knelt.

Thankfully, Horace and Jacob were merely knocked out, and recovered a few minutes later; albeit wounded and in need of rest. There was no sign of the escaped goblins, who seemed to have climbed into the trees and fled.

After searching the dead (finding assorted coins, some rations, odd nicknacks and another raven-hilted sword), they turned their attention to the stones and upended them, using the goblins own weapons to deface them and hopefully ruin whatever summoning magic they held.

They headed out of the forest, and followed the tracks back to where they had spilt. There the party followed the old tracks East, and came to another clearing in a wooded area. There stood an old well, with the grass all around it withered and rotten. There was a sense of foul magic there, and the trees looked diseased. On the rim of the well were the lute, the old mage’s spell-book, and a small sack that belonged to the two mercenaries. Slowly, Callum and Magnus sneaked up and took the items, and then, rather than investigate whatever was causing the withered grass, they party quickly left and travelled a few miles before they settled down to camp.

Another uneventful night and the party made their way back to the inn, were rewarded for recovering the stolen items (the old mage even allowed Magnus to learn some of his spells), and rested long enough to recover their strength.

The following day, the three friends left the inn, escorting the merchant, the two mercenaries with them, and they headed back home to Gallows Hill, to see what adventures awaited them.

End of Session

Playing this Monday next (tomorrow), with the PCs arriving home before heading off for further adventures.

Not Level 2 yet, but getting close.