No More Maps?

Anyone who follows me on anything may have noticed that I’ve pretty much stopped drawing maps, for the most part. I’m still producing them for my own game, but Patreon (for example) is effectively on hold until I can figure out what I’m doing with it (I got an idea, but needs some work first). Technically, I’m still up for commissioned work, since the extra money is always welcomed (plus I enjoy the challenge of commissions), but largely, I think I’m about done with maps… at least for the moment.

My reasons? Well, firstly, there is so many people out there producing maps now, and by-and-large, they are so much better than me. I simply can’t compete against the likes of Dyson, Glynn or Miska, to name three of my personal favourites. And, to be honest, my last RPG stuff had become a chore and the next thing I work on needs to be a passion for it to be worth doing.

Secondly, and chiefly the main reason now, is that I am spending most of my free time learning to draw. Now, drawing is something I always wanted to be able to do, but fell into that all too common trap of telling myself that “I can’t draw” and it has taken years of people telling me that “anyone can draw” to realise that it’s true. So long as you put the time in and practice, practice, practice.

So I’ve been doing that: practicing, watching YouTube videos, studying via online courses (chiefly Udemy, when I can get the course cheap, and one from Domestika; I prefer Udemy to be honest), a book or two, and lots of doodling. Plus, every Tuesday and Thursday I’m been following along with Draw with Rob, a series of drawing videos based on his books. Well worth checking out, as they’re fun. I even participated in the World Record challenge, which was nice,

And this all started off about four years ago, give or take, when I purchased this book and started to draw.

I’ll share a few of my drawings; not great art, but it’s a start and with time and effort, I’ll get better, and then maybe, if I am very lucky and keep this up, maybe, just maybe, I can one day make some sort of career out of this:

Part of my ‘Wisp’ drawings, with I drew in a sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project
One of the many Draw with Rob drawings
One of my favourites, because my son said I should draw some doughnuts
Drawings of pens, from the Domestika course
An eye I drew this week, from the Udemy course I’m finishing off this week

Note: I’ve also been teaching myself graphic design too, which is another skill I’m keen on developing. I’m concentrating on the drawing at the moment, but I keep dipping into this too.