Lairs & Encounters: Blink Dog, Blood Hound, and Bugbear

Back in 2016 theĀ Adventurer, Conqueror, King System (ACKS) Lairs & Encounters book came out, for which I drew a whole bunch of maps. Ever since then I’ve wanted to draw more maps for the lairs in that book, but never really had the time, until now.

Other B-monsters

To finish off the month and the rest of the lairs with B-monsters, here are the lairs for the Blink Dog, Blood Hound, and Bugbear.

The blink dogs lair in a burrow beneath the earth, whilst the blood hounds hunt intruders that venture into a private woodland. The bugbears live in a village, surrounded by a hedge with farms outside.

multiple lairs for creatures beginning with b
Lairs # 10