RPG Adventures: Part 1

Now I’ll move on to the various RPG adventures that I’ve published, those that have also hit the best seller categories. There have only been three of mine own so far that have gained such success, and one that was a piece of work for a different company that has sold reasonably well.

First up, one of my first and one that I’ve revised twice (I think) after feedback and running it myself.

The Curse of Ravenmere

front cover of the RPG adventure The Curse of Ravenmere
The Curse of Ravenmere

A short adventure, something that I tend to think of as an Adventure Location: a place that you throw the PCs into and see what happens. It is pretty much how I run most of my games, and so I write what I know.

The Curse of Ravenmere is a small village with stuff going on, and (with the revisions) places to explore, monsters to fight. It is horror-themed, low-level, and even got a review from Bryce of tenfootpole. This one is a Best Silver Seller, which is pretty good I think.

I discovered recently (see my play reports on my current game on this blog) that it works quite well as an adventure, with a slow build of tension that had my players feeling worries and paranoid.