RPG Adventures: Part 2

This next adventure is a Best Copper Seller and was my first one, I think, and I revised it with artwork and better maps after the first version that gained some ground. It has some lovely illustrations by Jim and Josefin Magnusson.

Mischievous Monsters

cover for Mischievous Monsters: a fantasy adventure
Mischievous Monsters: a fantasy adventure

Mischievous Monsters is another adventure location, and was again a recipient of a review by Bryce . It is set around an attack against an inn, with a timeline of events, some NPCs, and a few locations to explore and loot to find. The monsters are fun, fairy-tale kinds, and it works quite well as an adventure.

I used this to kickstart my new campaign, and it lasted a few sessions, proved dangerous at times, and was fun. I’m quite happy with this one, especially after it was revised with better pictures.