RPG Adventures: Part 3

My third adventure that has proven, sort of, a success is currently a Best Copper Seller, and received a mixed review; but one that I’ve taken as a challenge to improve, probably towards the end of the year, or to the start of 2020.


cover for the spire RPG book

This is a setting/dungeon based around the Spire and the surrounding town. It is fairly large, 168 pages, and is my longest (both in page count and how long it took to complete) work yet.

It was not entirely a success, as it was written as a system-neutral, and I think I went a bit far with that. After reading Bryce’s review, I have decided to bring out a revised version for 2020, with statistics and improved layout. I might chronicle my progress on that here on this blog. Might be interesting.

This was another experiment, with layout, with myself doing all the (poor) illustrations, to the way i drew the maps and framed them. I think there is a lot of good stuff in here, but it needs some better organising in parts, and is in need of stats (whether full or basic, I’m not sure yet).