Ruined City of Cyfandir

Look, that’s my name there!

An adventure I wrote (after being given the premise, toys to play with, and a bunch of suggestions by Alex) for the Adventurer, Conqueror, King System (ACKS) game has been released into the wild.

Comes in two flavours, ACKS and 5E compatible:

From the blurb:

Two hundred years ago, the elven capital of Cyfandir fell to the savage assault of the Great  Dragon Aisoth, self-proclaimed goddess and sovereign of the lizardmen who followed in her wake. The elves, occupied with the Argollëan War, were unprepared for the attack and the city fell swiftly. The elven residents fled, many dying at the claws and teeth of the lizardmen who waited in ambush in the forest.

Now the city lies in ruins, its walls crumbled and alabaster towers fallen to rubble, and the forest is crawling across its streets. Ivy and moss cover the walls of once-pristine buildings, and piles of rubble mark the passage of the dragon. Only the majestic and imposing Great Hall still carries its ancient grandeur. It is there that the Great Dragon makes her lair, sleeping atop the a treasure trove of elven coins, jewels, and artifacts.

Only the bravest adventurers will dare to plunder the ruins of Cyfandir…

AX4: Ruined City of Cyfandir (ROC) is a ready-to-play adventure scenario. Explore the vast ruined city of Cyfandir and discover the secrets of the fallen kingdom of the elves.

All maps in the adventure are provided in hi-resolution format as individual downloads for easy use online.

I had great fun writing this, especially the random table for exploring the ruins.

Check it out. Go on, it’ll be good for you.