Ruined City: Part 1

Session 43

The demon, Slicer, shows them to the cellar of the ruined watchtower, where they find unsavoury rooms of torture and bones, but also a kidnapped daoine, who they revive and befriend. Her name is Dryann and she’s an elven ranger, based out of an outpost on the outskirts of the ruined city to the west. They offer to escort her home, and she agrees.

They also find a magical knife and a magic ring, which Slicer is more than happy for them to take. They bid him farewell and make camp outside, and after an uneventful night they head off west to the ruined city: it takes a few days, but nothing happens along the way, and they say goodbye to Dryann as the ruins begin to appear amongst the forest that has grown up around and through it. She marks a stone along the overgrown path, and says that if they need any help, she’ll check this spot daily to see if they are there, and she’ll help them however she can.

Off to the city they went, the ruins rising across a series of hills and surrounded by cliffs. A river cut through it. Most of the city looked ruined, rubble piles everywhere, but there were quite a few intact but abandoned buildings, and it all was ancient stone, overgrown, faded grandeur. Knowing that the final statuette was somewhere inside, and that a dragon was reported to be living here (in the Great Hall according to Dryann), they figured there was a good chance that it would be in its lair. They needed to find out.

Firstly, Willow used his Cloak of the Raven to soar over the ruins, checking it out. He saw an encampment of ogres and foul-looking men, a settlement of lizardfolk, signs of some ogreish creature shepherding giant beetles up on the far side cliffs, and got a feeling of dread as he flew over the hall. He got back to report to the others minutes before the magic wore off.

They decided to head in, skirting along the western cliffs, to make their way towards the hall. Callum scouted ahead, the rest following. They heard moaning and knocking from a pile of rubble and deduced that someone was buried underneath. While the rest stood guard, Alf started uncovering whoever it was, and found a dozen zombie lizrdmen trapped inside: they broke free as he lifted the rubble, and the party lured the shambling zombies out of the city, to minimise exposure as they took them out: the zombies were easily dispatched, and they gathered their gear and made they way back inside.

End of Session

Note: I’m running my Ruins of Cyfandir adventure that I wrote with Alex. You can get it here.