Ruined City: Part 2

Session 44

The heroes headed back into the ruins after dumping the zombies in the forest. They started climbing the switchback path that climbed the cliff to a higher plateau, but the old worn steps collapsed as Alf started up, dumping a bunch of rocks on his head and causing a landslide that obliterated the steps. Thankfully, Ratkin was able to climb the cliffside with his spider climb ability and used ropes to allow the others to climb up safely.

They cautiously moved through the ruins, keeping under cover as much as possible. As they weaved their way through the rubble-strewn streets Jacob and Alf noticed that they were being followed. Callum nipped around a corner and used his invisibility cube to hide while the rest carried on, and saw two adventurer types sneakily following the party. So he popped up and said hello, and the rest of the party turned around and suddenly the two men (a thief and a fighter) were surrounded.

The two men explained that they were just being cautious and, like them, were simply exploring the ruins looking for something to loot. The heroes were harsh with them, and suggested that they knew the dragon, and that they were off to see her. The two adventurers weren’t happy about that and wanted no part of it, and they agreed to both go their separate ways. They watched the strangers disappear into the ruins, and then continued on, briefly looting a mausoleum and finding a bronze statue of an elf (eagle, something they’d not seen before). As they debated where to go, they checked out one of the ruined buildings, an old inn that was damp and full of rubble. As they entered they disturbed a nest of giant centipedes that swarmed them: the critters died swiftly, but were able to bite both Jacob and Willow, making them both violently sick. Thankfully, after the fight was over, Magnus was able to use his Cleansing ritual to cure them, and they decided to camp out.

While Magnus spent two hours curing his companions, Alf and Callum went out to look for a better campsite and found a building where a gang of feral-looking fir darrig were searching for something. Rather than attack them, they backed quietly away, and they decided to camp in the damp ruins and set guards. Thankfully, the rat-goblins went off into the night without noticing the heroes, and nothing happened during the night. In the morning they headed off and checked out a few buildings, finding little other than a crossbow-trap that narrowly missed Callum.

Then, Willow decided to use his raven-cloak and flew as a bird to visit the ogre shepherd he had seen yesterday. Still in raven form he chatted to the ogre, learning a bit about the area, the dragon, and the lizardmen who had recently got a new leader. He thanked him for his time and reported back to the others. He then briefly checked out the lizardmen camp, getting a rough idea that there were at least a dozen, probably more, but most were inside buildings.

Back together, they talked about what to do next and decided they’d go and kidnap the lizardman chief and interrogate him, and started making plans.

End of Session